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May 7th through 23rd, 2013




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Tuesday May 7th at 2pm
Dennis Lewis
"Free Your Breath, Free Your Life"
Tuesday May 7th at 7pm
Stephen Dinan
"Seeing All Your Life As Sacred"
Wednesday May 8th at 2pm
Daniel Gutierrez
"Awakening to Your Spiritual Abundance in Everyday Life"
Wednesday May 8th at 7pm
Debra Poneman
"Seeds for Your Soul: Living a Life Beyond Happy"
Thursday May 9th at 10am
Saniel Bonder
"The 21st Century Man's Way to Become a Radiant Human Sun"
Thursday May 9th at 2pm
Terry Patten
"The Five Essentials of Integral Spirituality"
Thursday May 9th at 7pm
Craig Hamilton
"The Way of the Evolutionary Man"
Tuesday May 14th at 10am
Chris Attwood & Randy Crutcher
"The Effortless Path to Discovering Your Life Purpose"
Tuesday May 14th at 2pm
Vic Johnson
"You Gotta Keep The Faith Baby"
Wednesday May 15th at 10am
Sai Maa
"Passion: The Key to Success in all Areas of Life"
Wednesday May 15th at 2pm
Zappy Zapolin
"Using the Wisdom of Kabala to Grow Your Business"
Wednesday May 15th at 7pm
Ryan Harris
"How to Align Your Work With Your Life Purpose"
Thursday May 16th at 10am
James Braha
"Using Hindu Predictive Astrology for Career Success"
Thursday May 16th at 2pm
Lama Surya Das
"Enlightened Leadership"
Tuesday May 21st at 10am
Mark Schillinger & Richard Platt
"Fulfilling Your Cultural Heritage – Mentoring Young Men"
Tuesday May 21st at 2pm
Bill Kauth
"Finding Your Tribe, Creating Family:
Building Gift Community"
Tuesday May 21st at 7pm
Susan Bratton
"Full-Integrity Seduction:
Get a 'Yes" Every Time, Every Woman"
Wednesday May 22nd at 10am
David Kaar
"Men's Initiation: The Missing Link for Today's Man"
Wednesday May 22nd at 2pm
Lion Goodman
"Confused About Love?
Re-wire Your Brain and Renew Your Passion"
Wednesday May 22nd at 7pm
Lewis Denbaum
"Finding the Love of Your Life and Living the Life You Love"
Thursday May 23rd at 10am
Larry Crane
"Love Yourself and Allow Yourself To Have The Most Loving Relationship With Anyone You Come In Contact With"
Thursday May 23rd at 2pm
Yakov Smirnoff
"Happily Ever Laughter"
Thursday May 23rd at 7pm
Michael Taylor
"The Five Illusions Of Manhood"