How to Align Your Work With Your Life Purpose

Wednesday, May 15th at 7pm CDT with Ryan Harris

Ryan Harris

Ryan Harris

Prosperity Coach
Host of Prosperity Radio

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Ryan A. Harris is a Prosperity Coach whose mission is to spread the message that experiencing personal financial prosperity begins as an internal state of being, that when expressed, then manifests in our day to day experience. He is the host of Prosperity Radio and the creator of the Creating Wealth from the Inside Out Financial Prosperity Home Study Course. Ryan is the author of 30 Seconds to Prosperity – Inspirational Quotes to Begin Feeling and Experiencing Prosperity Right Now and the forthcoming book Conquering a Personal Financial Crisis. He is also an Internet Marketing consultant for conscious entrepreneurs, and former professional copywriter who helps people clarify their heart-centered mission and core message to create a powerful, profitable presence online.

How to Align Your Work With Your Life Purpose to Create Greater Financial Prosperity with Less Effort

Join us for this exciting talk with one of the world’s leading experts on prosperity and the law of Attraction. Ryan has interviewed hundreds of prosperity experts, thought leaders, speakers, and coaches, and has created a simple process that men can use to create greater abundance in their lives.

Ryan is going to share with you his formula for creating greater financial prosperity without working harder for it. Through aligning yourself with a clear, documented Life Purpose, and making your work an extension of that purpose, you will find work more rewarding, joyful, and it progress happens with more ease and flow, which improves men’s lives and creates greater prosperity.

Modern men must learn to strike a balance between effort and flow, between freedom and duty, between self expression and contribution to something greater than themselves, and having a clear, inspiring Life Purpose is an important tool to create this balance. By making small changes in how we approach or jobs, careers, and our lives, we can attract greater abundance without working harder for it, by aligning ourselves with Universal Laws and principles.

Make sure you listen in for Ryan’s secrets on how to accomplish this alignment, how to create your Life Purpose statement easily, and how to benefit greatly by harnessing the power of the Law of Attraction without changing your routine.