Fulfilling Your Cultural Heritage – Mentoring Young Men

Tuesday, May 21st at 10am CDT with Mark Schillinger

Mark Schillinger

Mark Schillinger

Founder of the Young Men's Ultimate Weekend

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Dr. Mark Schillinger, DC, is a change leader in personal growth and family dynamics, teaching parents and their sons how to develop more caring and cooperative relationships. While honoring the masculine wisdom, he teaches family members how to give each other what they need so that the young men become more independent and the parents have more energy and joy.

Mark is the founder of the nonprofit, Young Men's Ultimate Weekend (ymuw.org), a modern, nonreligious, rite of passage initiation that teaches young men the leadership skills necessary for a successful adulthood. At these events, he's invested thousands of hours "in the trenches" with young men discovering what makes them withdraw and become disrespectful as well as what makes them motivated and become responsible and resourceful.

He is the creator of the workshop, The Ultimate Parenting Weekend, showing parents practical techniques that work in the toughest situations with their sons, including drugs, sex, schoolwork, lying, stealing, hooking up, and disinterest. The purpose of the Ultimate Parenting Weekend is to teach parents how to use their authority, influence and innate wisdom to create caring and collaborative relationships with their sons.

As a mentor, Mark offers personal guidance to young men, helping them find their way through adolescence, engaging them to make intelligent decisions and become more responsible for their lives. Mark's new company, Challenging Teen Age Sons, educates parents how use their personal and gender values to optimize their authority and influence to direct their children to do the right things and become more independent.