Finding the Love of Your Life and Living the Life You Love

Wednesday, May 22nd at 7pm CDT with Lewis Denbaum

Lewis Denbaum

Lewis Denbaum

Relationship Coach
Co-author of Madly In Love Forever:
A Guide to True and Lasting Love

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Lewis graduated from the University of Iowa Law School with highest honors and the University Of Iowa School Of Business with a Master's Degree in Accounting. He enjoyed a successful career as an Attorney, Accountant and CFO navigating the complex world between law and finance but after suffering two painful divorces, he decided to devote his full energy towards figuring out which way is up in regards to love, marriage and relationships.

His efforts paid off in 2006 when he married the love of his life Diane Denbaum, a Life Coach certified through the International Coach Academy. Together they authored the book, "Madly In Love Forever: A Guide to True and Lasting Love", became Certified Singles Coaches through the Relationship Coaching Institute and are now fulfilling their dream of sharing the benefits of what they have learned about communication and relationship success through workshops and one-on-one coaching.

In addition to their joint coaching and writing efforts, Lewis hosts and organizes telesummits. Since 1994 he has been deeply involved in men's circles and work through the likes of Justin Sterling, David Deida and The Mankind Project. As an important fulfillment of his own life mission, he offers workshops specific to men and men's issues and is passionate about helping men discover and live their mission, and balance mission and relationship. He is a "full contact" personal development coach who provides men with a firm but caring nudge towards a fuller destiny with an emphasis on pragmatism and compassion.