Love Yourself & Allow Yourself
To Have The Most Loving Relationship

Thursday, May 23rd at 10am CDT with Larry Crane

Larry Crane

Larry Crane

Founder of the world-renowned Release Technique

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Larry Crane is a best-selling author, a self-made millionaire, and the founder of the world-renowned Release Technique. The effectiveness of his method has been verified by researchers of Harvard, Columbia and UCLA Universities. The Release Technique is not a system of positive thinking or inspiration. Amazingly simple and astonishingly profound, it is an actual, experiential technique designed to eliminate hidden, subconscious blocks and negativity, and literally rewire the conscious and unconscious wiring that is standing in the way of your optimal health, happiness, abundance and success in all areas of life.

Larry has taught the Release Technique to over 100,000 graduates worldwide, including Fortune 500 executives, athletes, CEOs, authors, thought-leaders, celebrities, healers and people from every walk of life, so that they could begin to let go of the emotions, stress and energetic subconscious blocks that are holding all of us back from the abundance and joy that is our birthright. And he’s here today to do the same thing with you!

In Larry’s words...
Everyone is looking for happiness and peace of mind, but most people are looking for these things outside of themselves, in relationships, possessions, money, or “success”. Unfortunately, it is impossible to find peace of mind that way. To find peace of mind and happiness, you must go inside yourself, identifying and releasing the subconscious negativity and limiting beliefs that are covering up your natural potential. Once you do this, you will discover that you already have everything it takes to do, achieve and experience the life that you truly desire.

Love Yourself and Allow Yourself To Have The Most Loving Relationship With Anyone You Come In Contact With

Topic points


  • How to easily experience true Love and how that will gain you wealth, health and have harmony with all people that you come in contact with.
  • You will experience getting to a place where nothing and no one will ever bother you again,called Realization.
  • Larry will take you to a place that you feel truly abundant.
  • You will discover what is stopping you from being Realized and what to do about it.
  • You will find out exactly what Happiness is, and how to have it right on the call.
  • This is easily the most powerful call, you will ever attend, its life changing