Finding Your Tribe, Creating Family: Building Gift Community

Tuesday, May 21st at 2pm CDT with Bill Kauth

Bill Kauth

Bill Kauth

Author of A Circle of Men: The Original Manual for Men's Support Groups

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Bill Kauth was working as a psychotherapist and business consultant in 1984 when he conceived and co-founded the New Warrior Training Adventure, now presented by The ManKind Project to well over 50,000 men in 48 centers in 8 countries around the world. In 1992 St. Martin's Press published his book A Circle of Men: The Original Manual for Men's Support Groups. As a social inventor over the last two decades, Bill also co-founded the Spiritual Warrior, Inner King Training and in 1995 launched the Warrior-Monk Training Retreat. Feeling called in 2006 to build safe, trusting, long term, committed, local communities of men and women, Bill with his wife Zoe Alowan founded Gift Community and co-authored the book We Need Each Other: Building Gift Community. Together, with a focus on catalyzing "families of choice" and "gift tribes," they have delivered 60+ seminars and tele-courses around the world.

Finding Your Tribe, Creating family:
Building Gift Community

Imagine "your" own tribe of men and women, safe, intimate and committed to each other, living in your own home, bicycle distance apart. You've claimed your place in this family of choice and co-created a safety net of bonded friendship, supporting each other's dreams and projects to literally create the new Gift Culture. Bill and Zoe have done this their our town of Ashland Oregon.

This conversation will Explore:

  • How to envision the community you want.
  • Learn how men and women can be together in a safe way.
  • What values, commitments and structures might be needed.
  • Consider membership, who decides, how and when.
  • How to invite people to join you.