Is copywriting and ad writing the same thing?

Ad writing and copywriting are two different things, in fact they have a very big difference.

Both are in different fields, but an ad writing network and a copywriting network can never be the same since they mean different things.

What is the difference between the two?

  1. Ad writing is like for commercial purposes while copy writing can be just writing for personal purposes.
  2. Ad writing is used to advertise something for a business while copy writing is writing a document more likely not advertising something.
  3. Copy writing involves writing following a certain topic given while ad writing may not follow a certain topic.

You can put your own sweet words that will attract more traffic.

  1. Copywriting work maybe used in an office while ad writing is for commercial purpose.
  2. Ad writing involves driving traffic through the words written while copy writing may not necessary need to bring traffic.
  3. Copy writing requires you to write according to what the client wants while ad writing you maybe not provided with anything, it requires your creativity.
  4. Ad writing may must include illustrations, banners and images describing what you are advertising while copy writing may only require words with no photos.
  5. In an Ad you are paid according to many traffics you bring while in copy writing every word count.
  6. Ads for public purpose but copy writing maybe writing a private document that don’t need public exposure.
  7. Copy writing requires you to use perfect grammer but in an Ad you many include jokes or words that will deliver more traffic.

There are many differences between this two. Companies pay you to write Ads inform of banners. This banners are used to bring traffic to their business.

Ads may be inform of banners or images. You are required to be as creative as you can.

Companies will never spend their money posting weak Ads.

They only look for those Ads that when someone reads them, he or she gets curious about.

As an Ad writer there are things you need to know.

  1. Ads should be entertaining. Include jokes and things like free gifts, to bring more traffic.
  2. As and Ad writer you need to know your audience. You cannot write content that requires adult supervision to kids.
  3. Ads must include all details of the company you are advertising to.

Links, contacts and social media platforms.

  1. If you want to earn more writing Ads include your refferal link on the Ad. Advertise your self maybe down the banner say designed by or something that will help people notice you were involved.
  2. Ads should be written in present continuous tense. Don’t write Ads in past tense like say the company was supporting youths.


Copy writing is just easy its like writing an article like this.

Copy writers are paid according to how many word they write. To be a copy writer you need to be sure of what you write.

You should be able to follow simple certain rules like;

  1. You should not copy paste other people’s work. That is illegal and is considered as plagiarism and is a criminal offense.
  2. You should be confidence in what you say. Don’t write what you don’t know or what you heard.
  3. Deliver a good content. Avoid grammer issues or writing mistakes.

We are all humans and non is perfect but try to minimize typing mistakes.

  1. Don’t try to write your own things. If a copy which you are supposed to write is provided, write what is in the copy.


  1. Ask for guidance if your grammar is low. Find a person who knows how to write and read the language you are copying with.
  2. If you find yourself stuck on the meaning or spelling of words in the copy or you are in doubt. Refer to the dictionary.

Copy writing jobs pay more that Ad jobs. Ad writing jobs maybe somehow tricky difficult but copy writing you just write on what you love most.

Copy writing jobs are everywhere and copy writers are in demand.

There are may upcoming websites and blogs that are looking for copy writers for hire.

According to my research, copy writers earn a minimum of $500 per month. You can even setup your own blog and write without anyone supervision.

Ad writers also earn a lot promoting other people’s businesses.

Ad writers earn a minimum of $300 per month just writing ads.

To sum up Ad writing and Copy Writing has a huge difference and are not the same thing.